Property Of Cyprus Articles 

Please read our informative articles about living in Paphos and buying properties in Cyprus. Anyone that is interested in our little island will find these article useful, if not entertaining. We tell it as we see it on all aspects of living in Cyprus from the legal side of buying property to what it is like to live in a traditional Cypriot village. We hope you will enjoy these articles as much as we enjoy sharing them.

Easter in Cyprus:  The carnivals are over and Lent is underway – a 40 day fasting period of no meat, poultry or dairy products. The bakeries accommodate those who fast by adding dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free pastries and cookies to their already vast array of goodies. Generally, fasting is followed more strictly in the villages of Cyprus than in the towns, but most restaurants and takeaways also add fasting dishes to their menus during this period.

Peyia - Pegeia - a Concrete Jungle?: “Concrete Jungle” is a description of Peyia that I have heard on a number of occasions from many expats.  I do not agree with them at all. As a matter a fact, I think the need for growth is tremendous.  At first I thought the reference was funny and it brought back memories from 1985 when I worked in the “Cabrini Greens” housing projects in the near North Side of Chicago, only 100 meters from downtown. It was one mile from the Magnificent Mile, two miles to Greek town and four miles to China town with much more in between - that was a concrete jungle.


Driving in Cyprus - More Fatalities Remind us to be on Alert at all Times While Driving: Paphos has seen it;s fourth fatality in the last week (between May 23, 09 - June 02, 09), and the eighth since the begining of the year.   

What Market has the Best Potential for Selling Paphos or Cyprus Property: As Cyprus joins the United Kingdom and most of the world's property and financial markets downward slide, we are beginning to experience the effect of the current crisis. The word in Cyprus until recently was that the problem will not have an effect or very minimal effect on Cyprus. People in the business of finance, property sales, developers and tourism - basically Cyprus's whole econemy - started to feel the ramifications of the crisis.

Resolving the single most important issue in Cyprus: This financial crisis is sweeping across the gloge and it is becoming clear that most continents will be affected in one way or another. It is fair to say that we are already experiencing a downturn in the economy here in Cyprus.

Buyingand Selling Property without Title Deeds : Many home buyers in Cyprus purchase their homes without title deeds because of the system in Cyprus and the lengthy process that is involved. Many home buyers go through the process without truly understanding it until they must sell.

Top Ten Reasons to Live in Cyprus: If you are trying to decide if you want to move to Cyprus then read why we think it is the only place to be.  

Property in Mandria, Paphos is a Great Choice in Cyprus : One of the hottest areas to buy property in Cyprus at the moment has to be in Mandria. The small village sits peacefully nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, only 15 minutes outside of Paphos, 5 minutes from the Paphos airport and 25 minutes away from Limassol.

Property Sales in Cyprus - an Unprecedented Judgement :Selling a property in Cyprus for which individual deeds exists is a fairly simple procedure. Besides the seller and buyer and most likely their legal representatives, no involvement is required by the builders or developers.